Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence with MIT App Inventor and Teachable Machine Learning with Google

Hey, Google, what's the weather today?
Have you ever been curious about why smart device can answer our question? The magic is artificial intelligence. The future world will be shaped by Artificial Intelligence and programmed by students like you. This course will introduce students to the exciting world of AI. Student will learn how to use Teachable Machine with Google to train a machine to recognize objects and sounds in a fun way. As an AI trainer, students will explore and experiment how AI works. And then, we will dive into AI with APP Inventor activity to create and train AI model to classify image. This course has 5 lessons, packs with fun activities and challenges, it will be a great adventure for youngsters to learn about the joy of artificial intelligence. We offer two sessions, please register only one session for your child.

Course: MIT App Inventor Artificial Intelligence Curriculum
  • Lesson 1: Explore Teachable Machine with Google
  • Lesson 2: Build the Image Classification App
  • Lesson 3: Training a Model with the Personal Image Classifier
  • Lesson 4: Start building Personal Image Classification App with training model
  • Lesson 5: Coding Expression Match App
Class Schedule: March 16 - 20
  • Session 1: 6pm - 7pm
  • Session 2: 7:15pm - 8:15pm
Location: MagiCode Academy - Coding Studio
Students: age 10+
Class size: 2-6 students
Fee: $125/student
Teachable Machine